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Peluang Bisnis Jasa SEO

February 11, 2015

You have SEO expertise?

If so, why do not you just sell your expertise is? Yes, business is Jasa SEO Murah services with potential revenue that could be said to be great. How not, the promotion is a fundamental need in the internet business, and SEO itself is a promotion that is not doubt its efficacy.

With the website is in the TOP 10 of Google in particular keywords potential for big sales. So no wonder people flock to seek the best possible website is in the TOP 10. Unfortunately SEO is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand, a lot of obstacles that must be passed, ranging from research to find the ideal niche, on page optimization, to hunt backlinks exhausting.

Lucky if all the hard work above can be fruitless, if not necessarily very unfortunate especially draining a lot of time and energy, and this fact, not a few people who made "disappointed" with SEO because it does not go to fruition. Whether its difficult to get in the TOP 10, or was in the TOP 10 of Google, but the results do not match those predicted or do not have time to do so.

From here, you can take a crack a golden business opportunity if you are an expert and champion in the field of SEO you can solve their problems by opening a business SEO services at rates that you can set yourself. But before you open the Jasa SEO services, there are some things that need your attention.

What is it?

Make sure you are an expert in the field of SEO, because when you've been trusted to optimize the website but you can not do your job, then it can damage the alias credible tantamount to suicide because of the trust that has been given you waste it, even worse if the client you are telling on Facebook and forums about your services.

In addition, time management is also worthy of consideration, because not only one or two websites that you optimizations later, but many web at once, especially SEO takes time and results can not be predicted mathematically.

Well, beyond the business of SEO services is a lucrative business. Keep in mind, in their own country actors SEO services charge for the above 1,000,000 to 7,000,000 per optimization. So you can imagine, when you have a lot of clients, staying just count by multiples of the numbers above.

Yes my friend, a rate of 1 million is arguably rates smaller than the results to be obtained later. Though in general the business professional SEO services charge for the start of 5-10 million per keywordnya. Well, to work around this, you could wear a different rate for each keyword is different for different keywords did the number of competitors. Of keywords with lots of competition can ering higher rates than usual.

Here is Asumi of SEO services business income, we assume an average rate ya ..

Suppose you rate per keyword on average 2,000,000, so if you have one client per day, or 30 clients a month, then the results that you can get is 2 million x 30 = 60,000,000 / month.

Wow..Hasil are quite right?

Of course the above value can not be made a benchmark because it is a prediction, can be less can be more. But the important thing to note is that if we want to get great results, then we need to sell something that fortunately greater. Well in this SEO business is one example.

And one more important than SEO is, when you've mastered the science of SEO, SEO certainly not just SEO yes, but with all its intricacies, then it will be easy for you to sell anything on the internet. Whether it's selling SEO services itself or for your own internet business by creating a niche market-niche market.

How Do? Cushy not be a whiz SEO .... I myself wanted to create a practical guide to SEO but effective, but because of the time it seems not my friends kept pending. However, if you temporarily want SEO guide more complete, proven and myself have come to believe, you can go to the TOP 10 of Google or in the internet marketing learning center Indonesia.

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